ProgressBook Google API Integration Privacy Policy

To enhance the student learning experience, ProgressBook authenticated users may access and share certain information between Google and ProgressBook.

What information does ProgressBook use from my Google account?
After a user authorizes ProgressBook to use a Google account, ProgressBook uses the following information from Google:

Once users are logged into ProgressBook, they can approve certain information to be uploaded to and downloaded from Google Drive for use in GradeBook, VirtualClassroom, and ParentAccess.

What information from my Google account does ProgressBook share?
While Software Answers, LLC and ProgressBook do not share information explicitly, after granting permission for ProgressBook to access Google accounts, authorized ProgressBook users can set write or read-only permissions to share Google Drive files from their VirtualClassroom account at their discretion.

How does ProgressBook protect my information? Your information is encrypted and transmitted to us securely. The information is only used so that we can provide satisfactory services to you and your school district(s). Only employees who need the information to perform a specific task (such as assisting in Google OAuth setup) are granted access to it. School districts set up permissions to allow access to authorized staff, students, and parents according to each district’s policies related to student data.